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A relationship is a kind of business where a formal agreement between two or further people is made who agree to be theco-owners, distribute liabilities for running an league and participate the income or losses that the business generates. 
 In India, all the aspects and functions of the relationship are administered under ‘ The Indian Partnership Act 1932 ’. This specific law explains that relationship is an association between two or further realities or parties who have accepted to participate the proceeds generated from the business under the supervision of all the members or behalf of other members. 

Features of Partnership 

Following are the some features of a union 

1. Agreement between Partners It's an association of two or other things, and a union arises from an agreement or a contract. The agreement ( accord) becomes the warp of the association between the spouses. Such an agreement is in the written form. An oral agreement is evenhandedly licit. In order to avoid nonconcurrences, it's always good, if the spouses have a reproduction of the written agreement. 

2. Two or Fresh Persons In order to manifest a linkup, there should be at least two (2 2) persons holding a common object. To put it in other words, the slightest number of mates in an enterprise can be two (2 2). Notwithstanding, there's a constraint on their maximum number of people. 

3. Participating of Profit Another significant factor of the linkup is, the accord between mates has to participate return and losses of a trading concern. Notwithstanding, the portrayal held in the Partnership Act elucidates – linkup as an association between people who have assented to participate the return of a business, the sharing of loss is implicit. Hence, sharing of return and losses is vital. 

4. Business Motive It's important for a house to carry some kind of business and should have a profit gaining motive. 

5. Mutual Business The mates are the possessors as well as the agent of their house. Any act performed by one mate can affect other mates and the house. It can be concluded that this point acts as a test of linkup for all the mates. 

6. Unlimited Liability Every mate in a relation has unlimited liability. 

Advantages of Partnership 

Easy Setout – An agreement can be made oral or published as an agreement to enter as a mate and establish a interest. 
Large Pocket – Unlike sole possessor where every donation is made by one person, in relation, mates of the house can contribute fresh capital and other pocket as took. 
Suppleness – The mates can initiate any changes if they suppose it's took to meet the asked result or change circumstances. 
Participating Pitfall – All loss incurred by the house is alike distributed amongst each mate. 
Combination of different proficiency – The relation house has the advantage of knowledge, skill, experience and gifts of different mates. 

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