Know Dealers Detail by TIN (VAT) Number or By Name


Tax Identification number indicates TIN. It is a number allotted by the VAT authority of the state on application made by the dealer. This number is a unique identity of the dealer in the database of VAT authorities of the state. TIN / VAT Number is made up of 11 digit numbers. The First two digits are allotted on the basis of code of various states Such as Code of Gujarat is 24, so the dealers of Gujarat are allotted TIN numbers starting from 24 succeeded by other 9 digits. Codes of all the states and Union territories of the country are as follows:

Jammu & Kashmir 01Sikkim 11Orissa 21Lakshdweep 31
Himachal Pradesh 02Arunachal Pradesh 12Chhattisgarh 22Kerala 32
Punjab 03Nagaland 13Madhya Pradesh 23Tamil nadu 33
Chandigarh 04Manipur 14Gujarat 24Pondicherry 34
Uttranchal 05Mizoram 15Daman & Diu 25Andaman & Nicobar Islands 35
Haryana 06Tripura 16Dadra & Nagar Haveli 26
Delhi 07Meghalaya 17Maharashtra 27
Rajasthan 08Assam 18Andhra Pradesh 28
Uttar Pradesh 09West Bengal 19Karnataka 29
Bihar 10Jharkhand 20Goa 30

Lots of well known sites from where we can find the details of any dealer using the TIN Number of that dealer are available online. Details of Dealers all over the country can be known from the said sites. You only require the TIN of the dealer in case you want to find details of any dealer online. If you don’t have TIN / VAT number of the dealer then the same can be availed from various documents such as VAT invoice, Excise Invoice, VAT / Excise return and other documents which are government certified and are related to the VAT authority. VAT / CST Number are almost same for all dealers. Thus both can be used to know the details of the dealer.

In cases where a need arises to get dealers detail, you can visit various sites providing such information and find the details. It will also be helpful to check your own database which is maintained by the VAT or CST authority. If you want to find the dealers details in an easier manner then we are herewith providing the steps to download the dealer’s details. We hope that these steps will be very helpful to you. Thus the direction to get Dealer’s details by TIN / VAT number is as under:

  • First of all you have to type the website address in the address bar of your web browser. So type the address of the website from which you would like to search the dealer’s details
  • As a next step we advise you to once read the paragraph given on homepage of the site
  • You should now type the TIN Number / VAT Number in the box given under the head “TIN Search”
  • Be sure that you provide the correct TIN / VAT Number in the space provided
  • Click on the “Search” button and the TIN Number will be found out from the database
  • Once the search is complete, following dealers details will be published:
    • Name of the Dealer,
    • Address of the Dealer
    • Status of the entity i.e. Proprietorship, Partnership, Company etc,
    • PAN of the entity,
    • Activity status of the entity i.e. whether the entity is active or not, etc.

Once you follow the above procedure, we assure that you will be easily able to find the dealer’s details from the reliable stated site. So whenever you want to know the details of any of your dealer you can visit same website and find the basic details of the dealer.

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