Transportation – Dani Ki Costing – CA Final Video Lectures

Transportation – Dani Ki Costing – CA Final Video Lectures

Transportation – Dani Ki Costing – CA Final Video Lectures | Transportation – Dani Ki Costing – CA Final Video Lectures | Transportation – Dani Ki Costing – CA Final Video Lectures

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Transportation Problem
Transportation Problem helps in detecting the route at which the transportation cost comes to minimum. The transportation pattern is decided by solving transportation problems. To solve transportation problems, linear equations are used. In solving the transportation problem the first step is to find out the Initial Basic Feasible Solution. Different methods are used to find out the Initial Basic Feasible Solution. Initial Basic Feasible Solution is found out by allocation in rows and columns by apportioning most possible to the first cell and then proceeding further to the following cell till the quantity in the raw is finished. Let us have a precise look at some of the methods of finding the Initial Basic Feasible Solution:
  • North-West corner Rule: In this method, first allocation is made from the cell in the upper left corner.
  • The Least cost method: In the least cost method, the cell with lowest cost is first selected and the maximum allocation possible is made.
  • Vogel’s Approximation Method (VAM): The Vogel’s Method is considered as best of all. The least and next least costs are considered in this method.
After finding the Initial Basic Feasible Solution, Optimality test is to be conducted. It is the test to check whether the Initial Basic Feasible Solution found is optimal or not. If the same is not optimal then the transportation problem is unbalanced. Balance of the Initial Basic Feasible Solution is calculated the formula m+n-1, where ‘m’ stands for number of rows and ‘n’ stand for number of columns. Number of allocations must be equal to the figure derived by the given formula.

In case when the Initial Basic Feasible Solution is not optimal or the problem is imbalanced then Degeneracy is created. To solve such problems with degeneracy, the infinitesimally ‘e’ is allocated to make the problem balanced. The reason behind solving such transportation problems is to select the best transportation path and which will be profitable to company as it will incur least cost amongst all other paths. 


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