Holiday insurance for people over 70

Holiday insurance for people over 70

Insurance is generally used to cover the risk of life, theft, fire, flood, accidents, etc. One of such insurance is the travelling Insurance. It covers the medical expenses while you travel. It is more preferable for people travelling globally. For many people it is useful only as a short term cover as they may be travelling for a holidays. Travelling is full of risk such as accident risk, illness risk, life risk etc. Thus if you are covered with holiday insurance, it may become easy to meet the expenses, if any risk or uncertainty is faced by the insured.
In this particular article we are going to share some views on holiday insurance specifically for the old age people over age 70. As compared to other people, the people with age above 70 need more care. They are weakened due to passage of a very large life. It will help to cover the risks associated with such holidays. Generally holiday insurance for people over age 70 is available for a period of 120 days.
General needs, procedure and disadvantages of Holiday Insurance for people over 70 years:
Need of Holiday Insurance for people over 70 years:
          It will cover the risk of medical treatment people may need during the holiday travels.
          Holiday Insurance of people over 70 will also cover the life risk and will reimburse the sum assured in such cases.
          It will be reimbursing the emergency expenses incurred for the insured during such holiday.
          Some companies also pay of lost luggage if the terms of insurance provide so.
          Some of the companies also meet the cost of delay in travelling.
          The cost if any incurred due to cancellation of any flight or train is also reimbursed by some companies.
Procedure for getting Holiday Insurance cover for people over 70 years:

          For availing holiday insurance cover for people over 70 years, you have to scan the market for finding insurance companies providing such products.
          Compare the premium amount of the policies found as above and that suits best to your profile.
          Read the conditions of the policy very carefully.
          Now directly go to company for getting the cover or now a days the facility of buying the insurance online is also made available. This will save the time as well as mediator cost. You can also opt for purchasing from any trustworthy agent.
          When you apply for such insurance you have to go through medical screening and have to provide general details of any diseases suffered by you and also a doctor’s certificate for your health conditions.
           At last but not the least if you face any risk covered under the policy you can directly contact the insurance company and it will reimburse your expenses as per the policy agreement.
Disadvantages of Holiday Insurance for people over 70 years:
          There are many few companies in the market that provide insurance for such holiday travel of people over 70.
          Due to less availability of such product, the companies charge very high premium.
          Also as the age of insured people are very high, this factor also leads the insurance companies to raise the premium.

          If you are already suffering from any illness and face any risk during holiday travel, some insurance companies do not reimburse such expenses. Also they do not reimburse if you have come under any risk due to intake of alcohol.

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