CA Final Costing all Chapters of Dani Ki Costing by Dani Khandelwal

CA Final Costing all Chapters of Dani Ki Costing (DKC) by Dani Khandelwal

This article contains the list of the chapter of Dani Ki Costing (DKC)

Dani Ki Costing
CA Final Video Lectures
Chapter No.
Video Lectures
Total Quality Management (TQM)
Activity Based Costing (ABC), Cost Sheet, Profitability Analysis & Reporting
Target Costing, Control & Cost Reduction, Just In Time
Life Cycle Costing
Throughout Accounting
Decision Making
CVP Analysis, Shut Down Divestment

Decision & Transfer Pricing
Budget & Budgetary Control
Standard Costing
Costing of Service Sector
Learning Curve
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Updated: January 31, 2016 — 5:05 pm


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  1. please activate completed topics link.

    1. Keep checking, due to some reason it was delayed but I will provide all the links as soon as possible. So that all the lectures and parts thereof will be one place for comfortable study.

      1. i want o.r & costing’s cvp analysis & transfer pricing lectures at vadodara .is there any contact person .plz inform me as early

  2. Please do it as soon as possible.

    1. Sorry dear it looks difficult to give you that info at this place but your can find it at the given link

      I will try to give the list of the lectures on this side if possible.

      Good luck

  3. no problems..anyway ..thanks a lot…………great work !
    keep on sharing……..God bless to u and Dani sir and his family.

    1. I think now I done what you and all other students like ……….:)

    2. really… tons of thanks !!

      u solved a major problem of many from selecting files from You tube….now one can save their valuable time in studies and facilitate quick revision/reference of lectures in orderly manner. one can go through lectures directly in hassle free manner.

      I hope this would develop love and respect toward subject of many.

      This would really give me courage to solve full costing-or at least 2-3 times handwritten before exams.( as dani sir also used to say often “costing so ke mat karna….baith ke…. haath se solve karna”) -:)

      really awesome work……thank u very much….once again.

  4. Hey hi Raj
    Do u have pdf file of the Questions.??
    kindly upload same

    1. @Nalini I think you can find that on the given link below

      If still have any prob. rewrite a comment…………..

  5. Sir, can you please post Costing Final Crash Course video lectures………….

    1. I don’t have crash course video lectures ….

  6. sir,
    there is no materials for ca-final costing subject on this site.
    can anyone help me ti find such materials.
    thank u.

    1. @Rajni Budheliya :- Here is the Link where you can find all materials…

    2. @Rajni Budheliya :- Here is the Link where you can find all materials…

    3. sir, your teaching style is awesome. I enjoy costing very much by your teaching methods. your example related particular topic are exactly to the topic. its like having fun to learn costing. your comic comment during class also very very enjoyable. thanks for uploading costing videos. its very very helpful for me and other ca final student… thank you………………….

  7. Sir,
    these video lectures help me a lot. but there is no matrerials for costing final..
    can anyone help me to give such (video related) materials pls..

    1. @Rajni: Here is a link where u can find all the material related to the videos

  8. thank you very much sir for your great lecturing in simple it could be

  9. Hello Sir

    I want to buy CA Final costing DVDs. Kindly let me know how to make the payment and how will I get the DVDs.

    I must appreciate your efforts.

    Thank you
    Divyanshu Yadav

    1. To Purchase DKC Lectures DVDs Contact – 09920443322

  10. Are these lectures completein itself..?? I mean if m studying some chapter all the topics are covered..?? Also, is there any link to download all the files in one go..??

    1. Hi @wordsfinderyash, All the lectures of CA – FInal & IPCC are covered and it is complete with all the topics… So don’t worry about that…. and which link you are talking. I think it must be for Material…. so here is the link for materials….-

      Best of Luck…

  11. i wanna to buy dvd of dani sir.
    plz help me.

    1. To Purchase DKC Lectures DVDs Contact – 09920443322

  12. This is fabulous work and benefits to most of students.

  13. Sir please I want to buy material of dani sir please give me the mail id

  14. hello,
    can u plz tell me the series in which i should start the classes??? as in which class is first, second and so on,,,,

    1. @Rahul I have made tables for IPCC and Final, in which you can find all the chapters. You can start from any chapter you want to start. Because all the chapter are prepared and arranged in table, in such a way that you can understand the chapter easily and find all the parts of that chapter.

      Best of luck for preparation and feel free to ask any further questions if needed…. :)

  15. Sir,
    First of all thanks for your meticulous and beautiful lectures on IPCC costing.
    Please sir, Kindly upload the handwritten notes of IPCC in readable form as the currently uploaded notes are not properly visible. I would really be very thankful if you could do the same.

  16. sir , the videos which are posted here, r they complete or some part is uploaded here ??????/ i mean to say that in all parts , complete chapter is done or something is not given here????? e.g if total 18 parts are given for a chapter then these 18 small parts cover whole chapter which was taught by DANI SIR in class or something is ther which is not uploaded.
    i’m waiting for ur ans sir ji
    thanks a lot

    1. Hi dear, I am not Danisir. I am the person how upload the lectures on YouTube. I have uploaded all the lectures which was given by Danisir. So from my part it is all completed lectures because I sincerely take a good care while uploading.

      It may happen that at the end of the lecture there was a last sum after that Sir start chapter. So that have a small part of lecture for last part.

      From my side I totally take a good care.

  17. simply in love with dani ki costing, great charity work sir…..i enjoyed each n every lecture…costing was never so easy….dua mein yaad rakhegay sir aapko

  18. are these video lectures provided on this site complete in all respects? if yes, what is there in the dvds?
    is there anything extra in the dvd set or does it provide the same content as is available in the video lectures uploaded on youtube (for which the links have been provided here??)

    Commendable efforts! thanks a lot!

    1. Hi dear,

      These lectures are full course of the costing subject. Dani sir have given these lectures for all CA Students for Free of cost so that it is uploaded on YouTube.

      DVDs also contains the same course nothing more is given in it. The reason behind for the DVDs was that, that if any person do not having good any internet connectivity or due to any reason enable to view these lectures online than He/She can purchase these DVDs directly….

      This is the reason why DVDs are also available. There is nothing Extra in DVDs.

      And Thanks for your appreciation….

  19. Sir, I am not able to view the video of Standard Costing lecture 2 part 4, please fix this problem as soon as possible, i will be very greatful.

    1. I have checked that video, it works properly. Recheck that video it is ok.

  20. It is enough for score good marks

  21. Is it enough for CA FINAL preparation?

    1. @Nimesh I am not Danisir. I am the person who upload this lectures. I think I am not the right person to give the answer of your question. So you can directly ask this question to Danisir on FaceBook – “Dani Helpline”.


  22. sir,i m following online lectures of dani sir….its well for me but wanted to ask the sequence,
    is there any sequence to start the ca final ka lectures online for eg.from chapter 2 than 4.
    please confirm i m with short of days.thank you dani sir for this kind approach i was badly in need of this.

    1. @Damyanti: On FaceBook “Dani Helpline” is there, on which you can directly asked to Danisir.

  23. Dear Sir,
    How much time it will take to complete all the video lectures?
    If I devote 2-3 hours a day.

  24. Sir I found your lectures very helpful but from where can I download the questions being discussed in decision making lectures?

  25. Dear sir,
    My final attempt is in May 15.I think these videos belongs to 2011. So, Are these vidoes applicable for my attempt? Or there are any changes in syllabus of Costing and OR? Plz revert asap.. I’m waiting for your reply..

    1. @Mayur: There isn’t any change in syllabus so these lectures are valid for your attampt. So go through these lectures.

  26. Dear Sir,
    Thank you.:-)

  27. This work is really Like a God , and Big Big heart , Great, as much as can say will be less. God bless you.

  28. Dear Sir,

    Please suggest sequence of topics for study of Advanced Management Accounting.

    Minal Mohite

  29. Dear Sir,

    Can i start “Advanced Financial Management” study as a sequence suggested by you OR is there any specific sequence for chapters.


  30. Hi sir hats off to u for such a great help u r giving to CA students. Sir I live in Dubai is there any arrangement for the cd of lectures how can I purchase from here and get the cd as sometime here my wifi connection distrupts n cause problem for me please if any thing possible help me my Dubai no. is 971564313067

  31. hi can i get the cd of the costing lecture in Dubai as i am living here n wt will be the cost ………

  32. I want to buy DVD of costing as well as DT of CA final so what will be the cost for the same. I am from ahmedabad. Plz guide me as soon as possible


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